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Gareth Doyle Art Wallpaper

Hello, I’m Gareth, an illustrator and artist based in Hertfordshire, England. I love to create vibrant digital and traditional works. My work always begins as a simple pencil sketch and then depending on the subject will move to traditional mediums such as inks and watercolours or digital, specifically programmes such as Procreate & PS. Regardless of medium I always try and keep a sense of the hand drawn in everything I do.

I enjoy working from the human form and portraiture and tend to interpolate this into my love of pop culture, comic book art, strong design and bold colour choices.

If you are interested in a commission do get in touch to discuss. With every project I welcome an open line of communication and will update clients with photos and sketches throughout the process ahead of delivering the final piece as required i.e. hi-Res digital file, print or original.

Please check out my previous work and for works in progress, videos and announcements you can find me on Instagram under the handle 'garethdoyleart'

I hope you enjoy my work.

© Copyright Gareth Doyle/GarethDoyleArt
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